Sunday, June 29, 2014

Speaking as man or maybe as God

The new way of justification in the LDS Faith really irks me. When something comes up as no longer being taught as doctrine from a former prophet they say, "he was just speaking as a man."

The LDS Faith teaches that a prophet is called of God, by God, to speak for God to the masses. How are the followers now supposed to know when a prophet is speaking as man or as God?

The most recent doctrine that was tossed aside this way was how Brigham Young taught about black people. They were lesser than other races. They would make it to the Celestial Kingdom (the highest level of heaven according to the LDS), but only as servants. They were not allowed to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, but allowed the Aaronic Priesthood up until 1978.

A few months ago the leaders of the faith finally offered an apology and said Brigham was speaking as man.

Which brings me to question how are the followers supposed to know if Thomas S. Monson is speaking as man? Was Gordon B. Hinckley ever speaking as man? What about David O. McKay, Spencer W. Kimball, or George Albert Smith?

When a prophet speaks to God the followers take everything they say as doctrine. There is very little question. Sometimes you get those like Kate Kelly, John Dehlin, and Rock Waterman, but usually those that would become like them are quashed before they reach that level. They are scared into believing their family will no longer see them after this life, that they will not reach heaven and be with God or Jesus. That if they continue down this path it is damnation. So they conform and move on.

I am in full support of these people. They are bringing heartfelt questions before the leaders of the faith and want a better church. It is always good to question. The church claims to teach it is ok to question, but in all reality if you don't change your questions to match their answers you are an apostate. You are ridiculed. You are then turned into what is most as feared by the believing, an anti-Mormon.

What then happens in the next 100 years or so when Thomas S. Monson is labeled as speaking as man? How does that help the lives that are ruined in the present? The families torn apart today? The hearts broken yesterday?


  1. Ugh, exactly. Let's just stick our fingers in our ears and pretend it didn't happen.

  2. That is just a continual excuse by all religions to get out of being assholes.... and in my limited knowledge of the church I was always told that they are supposed to ask questions so they could solidify their faith, but as you can see in the recent news you cannot question the faith at all because the church knows its all a sham! I try not to bash peoples beliefs but if you have to defend a belief so strongly it wasn't sound in the first place.