Thursday, September 18, 2014

God Loves Gays

The Facebook page simply known as 'God' is trying to get a billboard here in Utah that reads "God Loves Gays." He was shot down by both major advertising companies in the state, Yesco and Reagan, because the billboard is deemed to be too controversial.

While I agree it is a controversial billboard for my state. I believe it needs to go up.

The two companies have stated that, "they don't want to offend clients," and "their signs are on leased property and they don't want to offend any of their landlords."

This shows how bad Utah is when it comes to anything that is contrary to the teachings of the Mormon faith. 

This is not the first time I have seen something like this pop up in my home state. There have been similar fights with atheist groups putting up billboards about lack of faith, but they were eventually able to find a location for a billboard.

I have a few friends who support Yesco and Reagan in their decision and when I asked why not support love and acceptance, the friends went silent.

The bible teaches love to all men. To love your enemy. So why do so many who claim to live by the precepts of the Gospel of Jesus fight so much to destroy 'love?'

Why are so many looked down upon for living their lives differently when the bible teaches otherwise?  

Acts 10:28 Never think of anyone as impure.

This is a group of people who are human. They are not beneath anyone. In our Declaration of Independence it states, "All men are created equal." Not all 'straight' men, nor all 'white' men, nor all 'rich' men, but 'ALL MEN.' 

I am glad to live in a time where love and acceptance is growing. That our perception of what is evil is evolving. I will always do my part to fight for what is right and what is needed. I will not condone that which harms another. I will fight against those that preach hate. I will fight for anyone's right to believe what they will and worship how they wish, but the moment you use your faith to fight against the rights of another I will rise up against you and the hate.

Our country and many others were founded on freedom; not freedom to oppress. Until the day comes that everyone has the same rights to marry, to love, and to live I will fight.

I wake up every day hoping for this to no longer be an issue, but there are still too many people who have fear in their hearts. My wish is for one day love to conquer fear. Love is stronger than fear and if I can change just one person with love, how many more people can be changed by that one person? How many lives will be affected by that one embrace?