Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Same Sex Marriage Rights in Utah?

I figured it was about time for me to chime in on this issue. There is so much back and forth on the issue. So many arguments on both sides that I am sure you all know my stance.

For those of you who don't know the back story (which are very few or none) a federal judge ruled Amendment 3 to the Utah Constitution, unconstitutional. This amendment primarily stated marriage is only recognized by the state to be between a man and a woman. It also states that Utah does not recognize same sex marriages from other states. During the 17 day period where same sex marriages were legal in the state just over 1,300 same sex couples finally were able to tie the knot. The state fought for a stay on the ruling, but we're denied a few times until it was finally awarded. Since the stay was awarded Gov. Herbert has announced that the state of Utah will not recognize the marriages that were performed legally and he will back the legal battle that will cost an estimated $2 Million. This money will of course come from Utah taxes. 

I find it so hard to believe that there is so much hate that our state is willing to spend this kind of money to take away happiness and equality from so many. With recent rulings on Prop 8 in California and nationally with DOMA I don't see how the Utah legislature honestly believes they have a case that can be won. 

One of two arguments they have is it destroys the sanctity of marriage and it will cause irreparable harm to the family. Which the Mormon faith believes is the base of our society and without strong families we cannot have a strong country. I remember being told several times growing up, in the faith, that the fall of Rome was caused by homosexuality, debauchery, and loose morals. I hardly believe that that was worse than spreading an empire so thin they could barely control their population and revolutions from small uprisings. 

The leaders of the faith are not helping either. They want to be looked at as a tolerant voice in the world, but condemn anything in the state that is against their beliefs. They tend to forget they are a global religion. If they really want to be taken seriously they should stop meddling in local politics and really focus on the global issues. Why not fight poverty? Or world hunger? Income inequality? Government and business fraud? Do you really believe God wanted your religion to build a high end mall right across from "His" temple? God said love everyone. Your religion preaches that God's greatest gift to the world is agency. Your religion also teaches that Satan, in the pre-existence, was the one that wanted to force everyone to obey God's laws. Forcing your beliefs on others does not make you tolerant just because you say you love them. You are fighting to take away people's rights. 

The other argument is that it is taking away your religious freedom. How the f**k is it doing that? You can still preach what you want. You can worship how you want. The government is not coming into your houses of worship and making you change your doctrine. The government is not forcing you to marry same sex couples. The moment your real religious freedoms are being taken away I will be right next to you fighting for your rights. Until then, bigotry is not tolerance. It is plainly hate. 

The only good I see coming out of this legal battle is that Utah will lose. They have no proof for any of their arguments. The only thing that will come of this is that no other state will have a leg to stand on and everyone will be afforded the rights they deserve and if it costs $2 Million from my state taxes, in my opinion, that will be money well spent. I would rather have Utah give up, but our governor is controlled by his religious beliefs. The legal battle will unfortunately happen. I just wish Utah would stand on the right side of history.