Thursday, November 8, 2012

The untapped minority

I know you are all sick of politics and voting by now, and I know I am late in publishing this post, but my thoughts hadn't fully developed on the subject until now.

What is the untapped minority you may ask? The non-religious of course. We come from all backgrounds, classes, and ethnicities. Several studies have shown that if you include atheists, agnostics, and humanists we total to 16-17% of the population and we are continually growing. As more and more of us are getting stronger and getting support from others we are able to stand strong against the opposition. And the opposition fears us. They don't know how to combat us. They don't know how to keep their faithful. The youth of today are leaving religion left and right, especially Christian religions; and their leaders are frantically trying to hold on to them.

So why has no one stepped in to tap this minority? Are people still afraid of the religious right? If anything we should be stronger. Yes they still have a good control of the South, but not so much across the rest of the US. Our recent election proved that to be the case. In light of all the voter suppression caused by the right and all the fear mongering of the religious we stepped forth to vote for equality and healthcare for all. We now have an open lesbian senator in the state of Wisconsin. Minnesota voted down the ban on marriage equality; which by the way is the lovely state where Michele Bachmann resides. People are out there taking a stand.

I cannot wait for the day when we have atheists and agnostics and humanists running regularly for office. We won't restrict your right to worship as you please. Church will still be legal; it just won't be legal for you to force your religious views on others. The laws and constitution are set up to protect rights and freedoms for all, not just the Christians. Just like you don't want the Koran or The Torah making your laws, we don't need the bible making any laws either. There will be a day when a Senator or House Representative can run as such and not have to fear of backlash. Because one day whoever takes on such a role, will have the support. We're not afraid anymore. Our numbers are growing and we will make a stand we just need a few good leaders in the right states at the right time.