Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The "So-called" Debt Crisis

Why do we take our politicians seriously, especially The Grand Old Party? Earlier this week both Boehner and Ryan came out and admitted the debt crisis is not as they say. So why are we voting on a tax cuts? Why are we working to give the rich even more money instead of putting America back to work?

I ask you how did we get out of The Great Depression? By putting America back to work. We built freeways and highways to connect America. We built the school system that became the envy of the world. We progressed for the next 40 years. We became one of the greatest countries in the world. People could live off wages they made in construction, in the factories. People could live the real American dream, but that is now dead.

Everyone protects the "Job Creators." Saying we can't take their money just because they're rich. They made their way to top so we can't punish them by taxing them. How much have they helped out America and created jobs by giving them the tax cats? How much have they really paid in the past? America during it's most prosperous time taxed the wealthiest people in America over 60%. And what did we get it for it? Everything I have already mentioned. We were the envy of the world people believed they could make something of themselves in America, but we can't today. We struggle from paycheck to paycheck. Health care costs are continually rising. The middle class is suffocating. And the chasm between the wealthy and everyone else is getting bigger and deeper by the day.

These corporate CEO's have convinced America through the money they give to our politicians that they are the ones struggling while they laugh all the way to bank. They don't care about anyone, but themselves and one's country can only be as strong as the weakest link.

How can we fix America? We create real jobs. We put Americans back to work. We create The New New Deal. We fix our dilapidated roads and bridges. We create clean energy. We build an electrical grid connecting all of America to share electricity making it possible to build wind, solar, and geothermal energy and make it practical. When we do this we won't need coal and the need for oil will also drop making the cost of utilities go down. We build a high speed train system connecting America just like we did with the highways. The trains will compete with the airline companies making prices for traveling go down making things more affordable for Americans to travel again and put even more money back into the economy.

We put money back into education. We raise the salary for teachers and higher more. We build more schools and more specialized schools. We teach our children and the rising generation in a way that is better suited for their learning styles and strengths. Standardized testing does not work and we can see that is the case when we compare ourselves to other countries. We bring back the arts to school. We teach music, theater, art, pottery, etc. Studies time and again show kids who take the arts do better in school and are happier. They create with their hands and minds giving them a sense of accomplishment. This creates more critical thinking skills.

Time has proven tax cuts for the wealthy don't work. Tell your politicians what you really want. Tell them what will fix America. Flood their voicemails and their emails. Do not give up and if they don't listen don't vote for them. We need an America for the people not for the corporations.

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