Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stranger among family

Over the last few months the preferential treatment from my parents to certain "righteous" siblings has gotten even worse. I, more so than ever, feel alienated from my parents and siblings. They treat me as sub-human, almost like an animal at times, but yet will do anything for my siblings that are doing exactly what my parents want them to do religiously.

Today was one of such days where I was treated more like a stranger on the street rather than a son. A problem arose and my parents were unwilling to assist, until the very end; when they finally gave in. It took over an hour of nigh on begging to get their help. It's as if my simple request was me wanting to sacrifice their only son to appease my heathen Gods.

But it doesn't stop there my parents also judge me on how I am running my life. That's because I am not following the career paths they want me to and to them I am ruining my life. My parents have told me I am wasting my talents. That I should be more useful and stop chasing my dreams of being in the culinary trade. Their exact words were, "you are throwing away your life and wasting the brain that God gave you. You should be doing something that will benefit mankind and help others rather than throw it away by wanting to open a bakery."

My sister and I joke that my parents would support me if I were to become a chemist or engineer to help build weapons or biological warfare. That through my gifts I could be saving the world from terrorists. My parents go on and on about how the war is great because it will bring democracy to these countries and these wars are needed to bring the Gospel to those that do not have it and that we can enrich their lives. Isn't making people happy through my great cooking enough? Doesn't that brighten the lives and days of those that I share my true talents with?

I'm tired of how my beliefs "harm" the "righteous" side of my family. How I can no longer be a beneficial member of the family because I no longer believe in God. I am baffled as to how a religion that claims to be so family oriented and how my family claims to be so family oriented can cast aside a son, a brother, an uncle; just because he does not believe in God. I now realize I can no longer count on my parents for help. I consider many of my friends as family. I have more friends I can rely on than those in my family. Thank you to all my good friends who are always there. Through thick and thin, through sadness, anger, and happiness. To you, I hope I can be the same support when you need it; as you have been for me.

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